Back in person again: RIO 2023

We were so much looking forward to travelling to Limerick in Ireland this year

in order to discuss ongoing research on imagery and observation across disciplines again face to face (see here, for more details), and it ended up being another great RIO meeting!

First time traveling outside of Germany for me after the pandemic: This year’s RIO group meeting at the University of Limerick was – again (thanks to Mark Campbell and his team!) – a great discussion forum for most recent works it motor imagery and/ or action observation. We presented both laboratory work (Andrea Polzien on changes in motor planning after imagery training) and a field study (Cornelia Frank on analogy-based imagery training in primary school physical education students).

Congratulations to Magdalena Gippert, PhD student at MPI Leipzig and former student of Bielefeld University, who won the best student presentation award for her talk.

Thanks for another two days of inspiration!

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