Our topics

Learning in augmented and virtual realities

Imagery, observation, and learning of motor actions in virtual reality
(ongoing; e.g., Frank et al., 2022; Frank & Schack, 2022; Frank, 2020)

Individualized videofeedback and learning
(ongoing; e.g. Menck & Frank, 2022)


Learning and coaching of motor actions in virtual reality
(2014-2019; e.g., Hülsmann, Frank, Senna et al., 2019; Postdoc project as part of ICSPACE)

Imagery, observation and learning

Imagery and learning in children and adolescents
(ongoing; e.g., Frank et al., in press)

Imagery and learning in school-based physical education
(ongoing; e.g., Frank et al., 2021; Menze-Sonneck et al., 2019a,b)

Imagery, learning and action representations of prospective teachers
(ongoing; pilot work)

Neurocognitive mechanisms of learning by way of imagery
(ongoing; e.g., upcoming Special Issue: Frank et al., 2023; Bach et al., 2022)


Observation, imagery and learning of complex movement sequences
(ongoing / PhD project; collab with Dr. Adam Bruton and PhD student Samantha Chye)

Observation, imagery and learning in team sports contexts
(ongoing / PhD project; collab with Dr. Adam Bruton and PhD student Adam Khan)


Action planning, imagery and learning
(2016-2017; e.g., Frank et al., 2016; BNF project In my mind’s (quiet) eye)

Action representation, observation and learning
(2015-2019; e.g., Frank, Kim et al., 2018; Kim et al., 2017; PhD project Kim)

Action representation and learning in teams
(2015-2016; e.g., Frank, Linstromberg et al., 2018, self funded)

Action representation, imagery and learning
(2010-2014; e.g., Frank et al., 2014; PhD project MentR+P)

Instruction, feedback and learning

Action representation, analogies and learning
(2016-2020 / PHD project; e.g., Meier, Frank et al., 2020; collab with Dr. Christopher Meier)

Action representation, attentional focus and learning
(2012-2013 / Postdoc project; e.g., Land, Frank et al., 2014


Action representation and real-time feedback in rehabilitation
(ongoing / PhD project; collab with Prof. Dr. Klaus Mattes and PhD student Dagmar Linnhoff)

Our funding


VRTEACH: Learning and teaching motor actions in virtual reality
(47000 Euro, MWKNS)


QEIMAGE: In my mind’s (quiet) eye
(12000 Euro, UNIBI)



Wang, Bielefeld University
(Co-Supervision, 2020-2022)
d’Aquino, Bielefeld University
(Co-Supervision, 2015-2018)
Kim, Bielefeld University
(Co-Supervision, 2015-2019)


Saatkamp, Ryll

2023 Walf, 2022 Bockholt, 2022 Koehn, 2021 Menck, 2021 Klüver, 2020 Emler, 2020 Sievert, 2020 Linstromberg, 2018 Esselaar (PhD at Manchester Metropolitain University, UK), 2017 Torgasin, 2016 Boxberger, 2015 Wenske, 2012 Öhmichen



2023 Pfitzner, 2023 Hadaschik, 2023 Dresing, 2023 Grotke, 2023 Holthaus, 2022 Winkelmann, 2022 Zare Isfahani, 2021 Beck, 2021 Saatkamp, 2020 Altvater, 2019 Raskob, 2018 Konca, 2016 Ritter (PhD at Magdeburg University, GER), 2015 Linstromberg, 2014 Pastel (PhD at Magdeburg University, GER), 2014 Simonsmeier (PhD at Trier University, GER), 2013 Küttner, 2013 Wenske, 2013 Popp

Mentoring/ Research Interns

2022 von Stürmer, 2022 Gromow, 2021 Markmeyer, 2016 Boxberger, 2014 Ritter, 2014 Wenske